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Are you looking to make a lasting change in your life?

Are you seeking a more potent form of self-help?
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Our audio hypnosis sessions are specifically designed
to help you tackle your unique challenges.

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Unbeatable Value at Just €37

Wondering about the cost?

For a one-time fee of just €37, you gain access to a comprehensive,
life-enhancing package that is unlike any other in the market.

Here's what's included:

🎧 3 Unique Session Types

1: Long Version: Immerse yourself in a deep, transformative experience.

2: Short Version: Perfect for those busy days when you need a quick but effective reset.

3: Active Version: For those who find peace and focus in movement, enjoy our walk-and-listen sessions.

🎵 With or Without Music

Each session type comes in two versions: one with carefully curated background music to enhance your trance, and one without, so you can choose your preferred setting.

📂 Total of 6 Files

That's right! You'll get six different files to cater to your specific needs and preferences, all for the incredibly competitive price of €37.

Hear What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Real Stories from People Who’ve Transformed Their Lives with Our Comprehensive Hypnosis Packages

Simply amazing! These sessions have given me the clarity and focus I've been searching for a long time.
Tobias Müller
Incredible! I saw results from the very first listen. My sleep has improved, and I feel more relaxed.
Claire Dupont
The active walking session is a real game-changer for me! I feel so much more motivated and positive now.
Pieter de Vries
Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve themselves. The different sessions are perfect for my hectic lifestyle.
Lena Schneider
This package is worth every penny. The flexibility to choose between long and short sessions is fantastic!
Jack O'Conner
Incredible transformation! I've successfully overcome a major hurdle in my life after numerous tries. Your hypnosis sessions were the key I needed. Immensely grateful!
María Fernández


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Audio Hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy delivered through audio recordings rather than a face-to-face session with a therapist. These professionally crafted MP3s guide you into a state of deep relaxation, where your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions. This enables you to work on various issues, from improving focus and confidence to managing health concerns. Our sessions are designed to offer you a convenient and effective hypnosis experience, available whenever you need it.

For €37, you’ll receive 6 audio files, which include a long version, a short version, and an active version to listen to while walking. Each of these versions comes with and without music, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences.

Yes, all of our audio files are downloadable and can be listened to offline.

Passive sessions are designed to be listened to in a relaxed, still environment where you can fully focus on the hypnosis experience. These are ideal for moments when you can dedicate uninterrupted time to your session.

Active sessions, on the other hand, are created to accompany you during physical activities like walking. They are designed in a way that allows you to safely engage with the session while also engaging with your surroundings. 

Trance Tokens are our special reward points designed to make your journey with us more engaging and rewarding. Here’s how they work:

  • Sign-Up Bonus: Earn 100 Trance Tokens instantly when you sign up for an account.
  • Referrals: Get 100 Trance Tokens when someone you refer makes a purchase. Plus, your referral receives a €5 discount coupon.
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  • Birthday Treat: Receive 200 Trance Tokens on your birthday.

Trance Tokens are redeemable at a rate of 30 Tokens for €1 discount on your purchases.